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The Bard

You're a bard living the bardic life. Making good music needs inspiration, and making ballads about heroes needs heroic things to happen, and you refuse to just sit and wait for those things to fall into your lap. Get moving! The world won't wait!

But wait. Don't ballads have to be sad and end tragically?

Primary quests
- You're on an adventure! (Adventure GET)
Adventure GET (21 XP)
You’re on an adventure!
It can be sucky. Like, you could be poisoned. Or people could be dying. But you’re still all dazzled by the newness and interest value of it all. It could be scary. It could be traumatizing. But it’s an adventure!

The HG can award you 3 XP towards this quest when:
[ ] Trouble starts or gets much worse in a well-staged way—whether that’s accidentally walking backwards into an enemy camp, breaking into a supposedly empty manor during what turns out to be a dinner party, or declaring that everything’s fine as long as there aren’t any werewolves around just before werewolves show up;
[ ] Someone rescues you;
[ ] You stand in a shadowed place and tell someone a secret, then run away before they can react.

1/chapter, you can earn a bonus XP towards this quest when you:
- sneak into somewhere you shouldn’t go
- risk trouble by digging into somebody’s secrets
- drag others into your affairs/arrange their lives for them
- propose a theory about the underlying situation you’re in
- tell someone a story related to the underlying situation you’re in
- get into trouble trying to help somebody else
- risk trouble in the name of adventure!
- Get excited about things that would make a good ballad (melodramatic basic quest)

Bonus XP when: other players say "Oh boy, X is in trouble again!" whenever you get in trouble

// design notes: //
Fascination would work here too, for Bard that wants to write song about something specific ... and player who wants Bittersweet Saga quest set instead of Looking for Trouble quest set.

Music and Storytelling 2 // you're a bard!
Charming and Open 2 // you're good at talking to people and making a good impression
Bardic Lore 2 // you know a lot about legendary stuff

and either
Fighting 2 // you're not bad in a fight
Fighting 1 // you can hold your own in a fight
Thievery 1 // you know a bit about locks, traps and treasures

// design notes: //
Fighting 1 might be low, but I like more universal characters. Fighting should be able to be used for getting out of the way of things and running away too, otherwise, the load-out of skills Adventure Fantasy character needs just to be Adventurer is quite extensive.

Connection: 1 to every PC
Connection: 1 to the place where you grew up
Connection: 1 to your teacher or school

// design notes: //
Extra connections are campaign convention.

Other powers
Bond: My art stirs the hearts of men. // You can get bonus when you use your art.

Affliction: Welcomed anywhere // Group of armed strangers doesn't normally invite anything nice, but bards are exception. They bring legends forgotten, music to lighten hearts and news.

Other stuff
- How do you look like? What food do you like?
- Are you a bard from bard school or did you have a master?
- What instrument do you use?
- What is your music like?

// design notes: //
The background is intentionally left sparse. Personally (based on a song I heard last night), I imagine the bard to be redhaired young woman who run off bard school to actually live the life they are studying.
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it reaches out it reaches out it reaches out

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The Fighter

You were a soldier. You were a warrior. You were a protector. You were a killer. It's your destiny. It's your karma. You have the scars. You have the nightmares.

You left your mercenary company, your brothers not just in arms, behind and you're trying to start anew. They didn't take it lightly, especially when you took the fateful weapon. You didn't think they would. Not really.

Maybe destiny can be beaten. Maybe you can wrestle with fate. Maybe you can be something more than a killer. Maybe not.

It's worth trying.

Primary quests:
- There's something you're running from. (Beautiful and Far Away)
Beautiful and Far Away (21 XP)

There is a secret place, somewhere beautiful and far away, that’s calling to you.
It is an escape, a desperately needed escape from the world; but like all escapes, it can kill you if you take it too far. And it is so very easy to take this one too far; and yet, you need it, so very much.
This is the Arc’s Secret Place, and it is located in the Arc’s Setting.
Often it’s a little unreal—you’ll visit it in dreams, or visions, or by traveling through the Outside

The HG can award you 5 XP towards this quest when:
[ ] Others stumble on your Secret Place.
[ ] You establish a reason why you need the Secret Place—why it’s sustaining you, why you’d be at risk without it.
[ ] You establish a reason why the Secret Place is hurting you, breaking you, damaging your ability to live an ordinary life.

You can earn each bonus once, for a total of 9 XP.

1/chapter, you can earn a bonus XP towards this quest through:
- guiding someone through the Setting of the Arc
- talking with somebody about the Secret Place
- talking with somebody about what dreams are, as compared to reality;
- talking with somebody about whether the world deserves to exist, whether it’s good or bad, or whether that even matters
- get in a row with somebody over/about the Secret Place
- refusing to retreat to the Secret Place, even though things are very bad. or
- retreating to the Secret Place.
- Wretle with you inner darkness (struggle basic quest)
- You weapon is special - there's something dark about it. Something you have to understand. (Bind)

Bonus XP when: other players shiver, and are bit scared of you. You are what you are, after all.

// design notes: //
This character could probably work with Black arc too - one path for the Fighter is to learn to live with what they are. The other is that they are not actually that and there's something more. That would be a difficult path indeed, and it would start with Changes. So either the Fighter struggles for a meaning - or they have meaning shoved on them.

Bind is not the best choice here - the destined magical weapon might not be evil - but the idea is that as the Fighter and the weapon travel together, save lives together, take lives together, whatever it is, they get to know each other. I think this would work best as some kind of quest that give bonus XP every time the player talks about his weapon and every time they fight with it or something, and on completion gives perks related to the weapon and fighting.

Mundane abilities
Weapon Master 4 // you are crazy good in a fight - the best in your generation
Toughtness 2 // you are hard
Looking Scary 1 // you have an air of death around you
Cruelty 1 // you know how to hurt people

// design notes: //
The Fighter is a lean, mean killing machine. He can't do much else. Violence is the only thing he's good at.

For more fun, you can add Kindness -1.

Connection: 1 to every PC
Connection: 1 to your weapon
Connection: 1 to your former mercenary band

// design notes: //
Extra connections are campaign convention.

Other powers
Bond: I am a killer. // You are especially good at killing people.
Affliction: Wielder of the Fateful Weapon // The weapon is yours, by universe's laws

// design notes: //
The Fighter is very good at killing, but even if he's effective or even productive with it, it has it's consequences.

Of course, Bond is pretty easy to change with some quest rewards, so the character can be something else than a killer, if they want.

Other stuff
- How does you weapon look like?
- On what terms did you leave your brotherhood? Are they in pursuit by any chance?
- What is the worst thing you've ever done in a war? Why?

// design notes: //
The background is intentionally left sparse. Personally, I think fighter is a man who looks bit like Sehpiroth and carries a Fateful Spear that has black blade with flowing storm clouds and mind of it's own. He looks surprisingly young, until you look in his eyes and see more battles in few yours, and you'll see in a lifetime. If you're lucky.
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it reaches out it reaches out it reaches out

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The Sorcerer

People fear magic, and rightly so. You understand them better than anyone, because you wield it. Not through years spent learning from books (you like good book, though!), but through power that's circulating in your veins.

It's not a nice power. It gives you unsurpassed potential for destruction. It is hard to use it for anything good, though.

And lately, it's been giving you nightmares as well. And you need to know. You need to understand.

// design notes: //
But what does it mean to be a Sorcerer as opposed to being a Wizard?

Since we're not exactly doing DnD here, and the difference between Vancinan magic and Sorcerer's spells per day is unrepresentable in CMWGE, I present the following idea - Sorcerers is someone with great power circulating in their blood, while Wizard is someone with bit of power and lot of training. Both can blow things up, both can build stuff, but Sorcerer's magic is blasts of power, universe bent to a will, while Wizards' craft complex patterns in their minds and build complex machines, brew potions, etc.

I think Sorcerers are more like athletes, and Wizards are more like scientists. Both study, both train, both experiment, both learn new things. But they go about it different ways.

Mechanically, just select the appropriate Bond and techniques for magical skills.

Primary quests:
- Follow your dreams and learn more about your heritage (Changes)
Changes (21 XP)
Some big change is coming to you or someone near you. The world, or your body, or your soul, or that of a friend—it’s shifting into a different state.

The HG can award you 3 XP towards this quest when:
[ ] you have a traumatic transformation or dissociation scene in play, where your reality gets weird because your true nature is changing or revealing itself.
[ ] you see a confusing vision, nightmare, or premonition of your or someone else’s death.
[ ] you meet and get the chance to help a mysterious child find their way.

You can earn each bonus once each, up to a total of 9 XP.

1/chapter, you can earn a bonus XP towards this quest when:
- wrestling with/expressing nameless feelings of loss that make you act unnaturally
- trying and failing to burn things, to light them on fire
- getting confused about who and where you are
- listening to stories about things that were lost when Jade Irinka died
- talking with somebody about your destiny/nature and what it means
- talking with somebody about why there’s such a thing as death
- dealing with acne, braces, your period, ear infections, or other annoyingly intrusive elements of physicality.
- Study the world, learn more magic, try new things (work and study basic quest)

Bonus XP when: other players salute because you do something awesome.

// design notes: //
The idea is Green arc - the Sorcerer is about to learn where their powers come from, and what does it mean.

Alternatively, if the Sorcerer's power is dark, this can be Blue arc, starting with Science. But I think that works better with Wizards.

Mundane abilities
(Magical) Sorcery 3 // you a talented Sorcerer - either someone who's been doing it for a while, or a prodigy
Well-met 2 // you can make a good impression
Fighting 1 // you know how world works
Wanderer 1 // Sorcerer's life is lonely and you've been on the road a lot
Kindness 1 // Despite what's circulating in your weins, you're a nice person

Magical skill: Sorcery

[Obstacle 1] See the world as it truly is
[Obstacle 1] Create light
[Obstacle 1] Move small objects

[Obstacle 2] See what happened or what will happen in reflective surface
[Obstacle 2] Summon a destructive magical attack
[Obstacle 2] Become invisible

[Obstacle 3] Summon a destructive magical attack over area of few paces across

// design notes: //
Sorcerer should be pretty capable, and posses scary amount of destructive power - but few cool tricks too. I imagine they will learn more - with Magical Skill 3, more techniques perks are really nice.

Same as with the Fighter, the idea is that it's hard to be productive with blowing stuff up.

Connection: 1 to every PC
Connection: 1 to whoever taught you magic
Connection: 1 to your wherever spend a lot of time - you understand the arcane energies of that place

// design notes: //
Extra connections are campaign convention.

Other powers
Bond: The power in my veins. // you can call upon even more power
Affliction: My magic and world around me reflects my mood. // stuff like dramatic lightning and thing going especially haywire when the you're angry

// design notes: //
I'm not sure if it's supposed to work like that mechanically, but I think calling on the Sorcerer's power should also make whatever happens themed by this power. That probably won't be good.

Other stuff
- How does you magic look like?
- And how does it look like when it's tainted by your hidden power?
- Are you self study, or did you have a master?

// design notes: //
The background is intentionally left sparse. Personally, I think the sorcerer is a young half-elven woman who dreams of flying spires and waterfalls in the sky and is hopeful that the world can be made into a nicer place. She can call upon the red fire, which gives her magic major boost, but it scares her - it whispers instead of hissing, is way more painful than normal fire and burns more brightly as if it enjoyed hurting living things, and is very hard to put out - as if it wanted to consume the whole world.
it reaches out it reaches out it reaches out


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