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English DnD

Příspěvek od Sieptiep » 13. 6. 2019, 15:11


We're two foreigners (currently learning czech) looking for people to play with. If you know a group that knows english, or is looking to improve their skill in speaking english (and you can help us with czech), we'd love to help and have some good games. We're located in Prague.

If you are ok with playing in english with us, we'd love to do so.

Thanks for your time.
Best regards,

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Re: English DnD

Příspěvek od Faskal » 13. 6. 2019, 16:01

welcome on RPG forum!

Could you be more specific with your preference in RPG? It generally helps with finding a group.
Which DnD edition? Are you looking only for DnD or can it be any other system? What is your preferred time & frequency of gaming sessions, etc.
In case you don't read RPGf regularly, it's also good to provide some contact info.

Good luck with finding a group!
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Re: English DnD

Příspěvek od Sieptiep » 13. 6. 2019, 16:57

Reply to Faskal:

As my title says, I'm looking for DnD. I'd be up to play each day of the week. Starting at t 6-9 o'clock. Even later on weekends. One or more weekly. DnD is the prime choice, but I'd be up for the czech version if people are kind enough to explain it.

For contact info. My whatsapp is +46708829414, hit me up!

Thanks for the help Faskal!

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Re: English DnD

Příspěvek od ShadoWWW » 13. 6. 2019, 18:27

We even have DnD 5E rules in Czech if you'd be interested in. 8)

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Re: English DnD

Příspěvek od Taxidermist » 2. 7. 2019, 15:41

Hey guys, is the offer still standing? I am also looking for someone to play with and I actually prefer English version to the Czech one(even though I am Czech through and through). I currently live in Ústí, but I am willing to commute to Prague for the sessions.

Feel free to hit me up if you are still looking for fellow players.


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