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Re: Umění skrze věky

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24. 6. 2018, 13:04
Pro mě je asi dostačující ta odpověď od Jaymeho Stegmaiera, který dokázal přiměřeně reagovat na situaci, vyvinul tlak na nápravu i se zároveň zastal Rozalského. To je aspoň morální integrita, kterou bych očekával.
Mas link? To bych si precetl.
1605: Anonymous member attempts to hack into British Parliament using only gunpowder.

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Re: Umění skrze věky

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Je to v diskusi v tom odkazu co jsi postoval. Neříkám, že to je perfektní a s některými interpretacemi nesouhlasím, ale s většinou toho, co píše můžu souhlasit. Hodně věcí nějak vysvětlil a hlavně se k tomu postavil aktivně, nesnažil se to smést pod koberec (nebo označovat někoho za stalkujícího čuráčka, co má jít do prdele).
Hi! I’m Jamey Stegmaier, the designer and publisher of Scythe, which features the art and worldbuilding of Jakub Rozalski. I thought I would share my personal perspective here and on the other threads on this topic.

First, I applaud participants of these conversations for looking out for artists. It’s awesome that you’re looking for credit to be given where credit is due, especially to photographers.

Second, if I commission an artist to paint me a picture of a pig, I sure hope they look at photos of pigs while painting them. Artists have been using models for centuries. That said, if a specific element of a specific photo is used as reference for the illustration, credit should be given to the photographer.

Third, Jakub addressed questions about image references 2 years ago on BoardGameGeek: “I used some references, my own photos, and photos from the internet, in several (maybe 10, maybe more), I simply track photo in 1:1, for some elements like: horses or pigs, cow, or specific parts, even some characters.” This is pretty transparent—there doesn’t appear to be any big cover-up or conspiracy.

Fourth, part of the assertation seems to be that Jakub is a hack because he “traced” some animals and people. “Traced” is a bit of a misnomer—if you asked me to trace a photo of a tiger, it wouldn’t look anything close to Jakub’s illustration. I believe Jakub when he says he painted these animals and people while referencing the photographs (not by digitally painting over them). I would point to Jakub’s canvas paintings as evidence that his talents do not require photobashing.

Fifth, perhaps the most troubling accusation was that Jakub created “fake tutorials” (step-by-step in progress illustrations) to make it seem like those illustrations came from his imagination instead of reference photos/images. This is troubling to me because it’s stated as fact, yet no evidence of it is provided. The closest is an image from artist John Park that depicts a sideview of a mech, but the mech is very different from the one in Jakub’s step-by-step illustration.

I’ll end where I began: I believe in giving credit where credit is due. Today I’ve e-mailed with Jakub about crediting any photographers from images where he used a specific animal or person as reference, and he’s going to do his best to find them (this is like me telling you to replicate a specific Google Image search from 4 years ago—it isn’t easy). In turn, I hope you will keep an open mind about giving Jakub credit as well. This is a two-way street. To completely discredit his illustrations—each of which is a complex amalgamation of different elements in the foreground, midground, and background—just because he used some reference photos for some animals and people doesn’t seem fair.
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